Sharif Think Tank

Our Vision:
Our strategic vision is to become the most pioneer national and world-class think-tank that plays an essential role in national development and human life improvement all around the world.

Our Mission:
Cooperation in national development through studies, research, consulting and executive activities in various fields of cultural, social, economic, technological, industrial affairs, parallel with producing new thoughts and ideas for organizations, managers, policy-makers, decision-makers.

Our Values:
• Innovation and creativity
• Professionalism
• Customer
• High performance
• Thinking globally
• Appropriate cost
• High quality
• Responsibility to national development and progress
• Being on-time
• Reliability and viability
• Integrity

Areas of expertise and interest:
• Strategic management and planning
• Technology management and planning
• Future study and research
• Development issues
• Policy research and analysis
• Information technology (IT) management and planning
• Commercialization and business development
• Research and research management competencies

Our Activities:
• Proposing, planning, implementing studies and research plans and projects for various organizations and corporations
• Consulting and intellectual collaboration with organizations and institutes
• Managerial and administrative consultancy
• Decision-making consultancy
• Strategy and policy analysis
• Cultural and social study and research
• Seminar and conference planning
• Managerial education and training courses
• Problem-solving

President and CEO:
Mohammad Reza MirzaAmini

Tehran, Iran
Email: mirzaamini at this mail server: SharifThinkTank . ir
and mirzaaminy at this mail server: Gmail . com

Please note:
Our previous web address was: